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Sadly, this is not the case, but you can still set it directly via the Registry.The Registry key which stores which IM client can integrate with Outlook is: as that was the previous name of Skype for Business and that name is still being used in several places for backwards compatibility.I recently upgraded my home computer to Office 2016 via our company’s Office 365 licensing and now Skype no longer integrates with Outlook 2016.When I log on with Skype for Business at home, I found out that it now integrates with Outlook instead.The default Office Communication Server (OCS) configuration resynchronizes the address book at AM local time each day.By default the Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) client looks for changes in the address book files on a random interval (between 0 and 60 minutes) upon start-up or within 24 hours when running.

At work, we use Skype for Business and there Outlook integrates with Skype for Business.Outlook is working perfectly had a weird profile problem initially but that was fixed.Unfortunately, even though I have set the setting that says: My conversations have stopped saving to the Outlook Conversation History folder.For the most part my Office Communicator appears to be configured correctly.I can login to my work account and see the work contact list.Simply double click the correct reg-file to automatically set the value.Download: Please realize that you can’t simply pick any IM client and expect its integration to work in Outlook or other Office applications.In the option of Communicator, the option “Update my presence based on my Calendar information” is checked but that doesn’t seem to work either. The bad new is; Communicator 2007 R2 isn’t compatible with Office 2013.The good news is; You can still make Lync 2013 work with Communications Server 2007 R2. To make Lync 2013 connect to Communications Server, add the following Registry key: Key: Officially, this isn’t a supported configuration for Lync (connecting to Communications Server 2007 R2) but it works nonetheless.If you are an administrator ready to deploy Office 2013, you can make the above change also via Group Policies.In this case, you’ll need to load the Lync Policy Template which is included in the Office 2013 Administrative Templates.

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