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We chose Linux to avoid frequent problems with viruses and to provide a more secure, problem-free computer environment.

Computer is designed as a family or personal computer.

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” Planet Djembe provides live drumming for a West African dance class hosted by Jennifer Eldred every Thursday, 7pm, at the Movement Shala.

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Specific dance movements correspond to the act of planting, harvesting, hunting, etc., for these rhythms. Some rhythms are associated with a mask, or deity of sorts, that will appear in the village once or twice a year for healing, fertility and divination.” At TMY, a base rhythm is created by three sizes of Dununs bass drums that are played with sticks.Lag is a term defined as a delay in communication between the client and the server.It can be based over several things which include internet connectivity, ISP problems, server populations and data congestion.Computer has an integrated word processor that lets you write, edit, save and print your own text documents.Members here at Gay SM Dating have many different varieties of tags & interests.That is what the rhythms are about.” Community reflections Sinde conveys an experience of the group which occurred over the last two years Planet Djembe and Mamaxe performed at TMY: “After our performances, an African American elder, Baba Eno Washington, who was one of the first to bring West African dance to the US, came up to us and with tears in his eyes, thanked us for keeping this important tradition alive with such integrity for the community…and for honoring our teachers and their ancestors by…playing, dancing the rhythms in an authentic way.” TMY is all about community, and Sinde indicates the Planet Djembe message is the same in all performances: “This is a community art-form, so the audiences are a part of what will happen here….will we create together.As our audience dances, the lead djembe player plays in a playful call and response with them and we create a beautiful fun, healing ‘happening’ for all of us!We pre-install a broad set of popular and necessary applications including Email, Web Browsing, Photos, Video Phone, Games, Music & Video Playing and a Digital Picture Frame Screensaver.Almost everything a standard computer can do on the Internet also can be done with your WOW!It also includes software for spreadsheets and slide presentations.Computer - just plug the USB cable from your printer into the WOW!

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