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With that being said, Identity Guard still offers the best product – and the best protection – money can buy.

Life Lock identity theft protection helps proactively safeguard your identity and your credit.

After completing my research, I can safely say that the credit monitoring services above are at the top of their class.

The Insurance Information Institute notes that identity thieves have stolen over 7 billion over the last seven years, which is much too large of a number for average citizens to ignore.

If you happen to become a victim of ID theft, Identity Guard offers services to get you back on your feet fast.

A victim hotline gives you access to a trained expert who can help you put the pieces together.

Unlike with other services, this is a stand-alone plan, meaning you don’t have to purchase it as an add-on to protect your kids.

Life Lock® also monitors thousands of black-market websites where ID thieves buy and sell stolen information.Not only is it a comprehensive program that monitors certain changes in your credit, but it also provides some of the best ID theft protection in the industry.The company’s Total Protection® and Platinum plans (.99 a month and .99 a month, respectively) monitor all three major credit bureaus for changes to your reports, helping you make more informed financial decisions.This plan includes social security number monitoring, public records monitoring, and bank account monitoring.You’ll be alerted immediately if someone tries to use your child’s information to open an account or credit card, for example.In fact, this number shows that, even though technology is improving our lives, it is also making us more susceptible to online theft.The first three products listed below offer full credit monitoring services, plus identity theft protection and access to your credit report.Featured Credit Monitoring Services: According to a a 2017 study from the Insurance Information Institute, billion in wealth was stolen from 15.4 million consumers through various forms of identity theft in 2016.You’ve probably heard about all the breaches at high-profile companies, including JPMorgan, Target, Home Depot, and e Bay.If your personal information shows up there, you are alerted.They also work with the credit bureaus to reduce the number of annoying preapproved credit card offers by taking your name off mailing lists.

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